The 20th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival at Artsfest welcomes film as an art form.  With a focus on underground, avant-garde, and independent cinema, the festival welcomes many different approaches to the filmmaking process. From the most avant-garde films created with hands on manipulation of film to the more traditional structure of a documentary portraying an underground subject, the festival is eclectic and diverse.

Film Still from Future Language: The Dimensions of Von Lmo   | 10:00PM | Midtown Cinema

Film Still from Future Language: The Dimensions of Von Lmo

| 10:00PM | Midtown Cinema

Screenings are held at:

Civic Club
612 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Midtown Cinema
250 Reily Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102

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Moviate was founded 21 years ago in April of 1997.  We wanted to bring avant-garde cinema to the Harrisburg area.  We rented a dance studio in the former Jump Street location on Forster Street (when it was called Metro Arts).  Each month we curated a collection of rare 16mm films, independent films, and hosted in-person filmmakers.  Each year, we celebrated with a 3 day festival, calling for entries and showing films from around the world.  We are a volunteer operated not-for-profit organization who sees the importance of independent film and music in the arts community.  Event listings are posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the website.

2019 FilmFest Schedule


Friday May 24th
Midtown Cinema

8:00PM Boiled Angels: The Trial of Mike Diana, Presented by Mike Diana

*Graphic Content: No Children Are Permitted at This Screening 


Saturday May 25th

Saturday, May 25th

12 noon – Medium Form Documentaries, 48 min

Life on the Mississippi, Bill Brown, 28min, USA, 16mm

Sweet Love, Stephen Crompton, 20min, USA, Digital

1:00 PM – At War with the Sky: A Social Documentary Shorts Program, 42 min

UNSOLICITED, Meg Cook, 1min, USA, Digital

At War with the Sky, William Randall, 10min, USA/Japan, 16mm

Immunity Not Limitation, Sara Kazemimanesh, 3min, Iran/USA, 16mm

From Markov to Skripal, John Barlow, 15min, UK, 8mm

Take it Down, Sabine Gruffat, 12min, USA, 16mm

2 PM – Ghost Light: An Abstract Experimental Film Program, 44 min

The Equatorial Calms, Derek Taylor, 4min, USA, 16mm

Lines of Force, Dan Browne, 2min, Canada, Digital

Clarabóia, Michael Lyons, 2min, Japan, Super 8

The Sequence of Years, Ben Balcom, 9min, USA/Austria, Digital

Ghost Light, Sean Bokenkamp, 26min, Canada, 16mm

3 PM – Memoria Data: Home Movies and Diary Shorts, Part I, 41 min

Mototanaka Dérive, Michael Lyons, 4min, Japan, Super 8

Foreclosed Home Movie , Lisa Danker, 8min, USA, 16mm

Who can shoot a firefly?, Emma Piper-Burket, 3min, USA, Super 8

Two, Vasilios Papaioannu, 8min, USA, 16mm/4k/MiniDV

And By The Night, Anna Kipervaser, 10min, USA, 16mm

Consolar (to console), Susan DeLeo, 5min, USA, Super 8

Winter's First Moons, Kathleen Rugh, 3min, USA, 16mm

4 PM – Memoria Data: Home Movies and Diary Shorts, Part II, 41 min

TAKE A PICTURE, Josh Weissbach, 3min, USA, Super 8

As Tides Go By, Stefanie Weberhofer, 13min, Austria, Super 8

Light plays, Anne-Marie Bouchard, 7min, 16mm

Street Styles, Jason Allen Lee, 3min, USA, 16mm

Dull Hope, Brian Ratigan, 3min, USA, Digital/8mm

Memoria Data, Lori Felker, 12min, USA, Various/Found Footage


7:30 PM  Welcome to The Dollhouse, With Todd Solondz In Person

10 PM –Future Language: The Dimensions of Von Lmo, w/Filmmaker Lori Felker In Person


Sunday May 26th:


Sunday, 1 PM – The Space Between: A Program of Formative explorations, 51 min

Reasonable Watchfulness, Talena Sanders, 8min, Portugal/Spain/USA, 16mm

Story of the Dreaming Water - Chapter Two, Brittany Gravely, 3min, USA, 16mm

Catherine, Marcy Saude, 10min, UK, 16mm

The Space Between Two Figures, Rebecca Reynolds, 6min, USA, 16mm

Listen, Luca Guo, 3min, USA, 16mm

Interstices Volume II, Michelle Latimer/John Woods/Brian Kent Gotro/Kyle Whitehead, 9min, Canada, Super 8

When Man Encountered the Island, Laurids Andersen Sonne, 8min, Denmark, 16mm

Sunday, 2 PM – Safe Space: A Kitchen Sink Shorts Program, 40 min

Johnny Labelle music video, Karissa Hahn/Andrew Kim, 3min, USA, 16mm

A Collection of Attempts In Astral Travel, Ryan Betschart/Rachel Nakawatase, 7min, USA, 16mm

An Eastardly Journey, Ben Popp, 10min, USA, Digital

There Must Be a Safe Space to Load the Building Materials, Ryan Betschart, 4min, USA, Digital

Miraculous Aqueduct, David Finkelstein, 16min, USA, Digital

Sunday, 3 PM - Animation Attack!!! 51 Min

Beyond the Ball, Dana Sink, 4min, USA, Digital

Fresh Green, Ida Greenberg, 5min, USA, Digital

Toasted, Chad Janusch, 12min, USA, Digital

Fun More, Wally Chung, 1min, USA, Digital

Grandma, Dana Sink, 29min, USA, Digital

Midtown Cinema

Sunday, 7 PM -Closing Night Shorts Program, 87min

Prologue to the Tarot: Glenna, Brittany Gravely/Ken Linehan, 7min, USA 16mm

Telekinesis Lesson 6, Brittany Gravely/Ken Linehan, 7min, USA, 16mm

The Last Skate, Sandy McLennan, 5min, Canada, Super 8

Nutrition Fugue, Péter Lichter, 4min, Hungary, 35mm

Toilet Tale, James Hollenbaugh, 5min, USA, Super 8

Unless You're Living It, Sarah Bliss, 9min, USA, 16mm

Armie, Mark Cira, 5min, Canada, 16mm

Bennifer, Ryan McGlade, 13min, USA, 16mm

Life After Love, Zachary Epcar, 9min, USA, 16mm

Astrology, Brittany Gravely, 3min, USA, 16mm

The Air of the Earth in Your Lungs, Ross Meckfessel, 11min, Japan/USA, 16mm

Gone Sale, Matt Meindl, 5min, USA, Super 8

See Weeds, Dawn George, 3min, Canada, Super 8/16mm

Sunday, 9 PM Midtown Cinema - Flesh City

720 Deal, Gary Adlestein/Jerry Orr

Skjemt Blod, Gwenmarie White, 6min, USA,

Flesh City, Thorsten Fleisch, 85min, Germany